The Fire Next TimeThe Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
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To observe Black History Month, I decided to pick up a book from Barack Obama's reading list this month ( I saw the name James Baldwin, and recalled a close friend of my reccomending another book by his "Another World", so I figured this would be a good book to read.

The book is split into two, the first part is a letter to his nephew and the second part is a reflection on his youth in Harlem. Through the use of strong language Baldwin offers advice to his nephew on how to thrive in a world where everybody is trying to enforce their image of what a black man is, and he also shares his perspective on problems plaguing the "American Negro", and how his fate defines the fate the future of this country. Baldwin's story will resonate with any minority who struggled to fight a predefined narrative, and it will offer a unique perspective to anybody courageous enough to read his story.

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